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Programs – Class

Programs: Zumba, Yoga, Cardio Boxing, Toning, Rugget. Cross Fit Training, Personal One on One Training


This class combines balance and flexibility with cardiovascular work.

Benefits :
– Reduce body fat
– Decreases the risk of obesity
– Tone several parts of the body
– Improves coordination


Some benefits of Yoga.

– Relieves pain
– Help to be motivated
– Improves the concentration
– Weightloss
– Inner peace
– Life with greater awareness
– Increase of energy and vitality


– Fat burn
– Increase your self-esteem
– Release all your stress
– Tone your body with cardiobox


– Reduces body fat and the risk of obesity.
– It releases endorphins, which reduces stress and increases self-esteem.
– Improves the athlete’s coordination: in the classes he has to learn different choreographies.
– Tone several body parts.
– It supposes a moderate training.

Cross Fit Training

– Improves muscle strength.
– Resistance.
– Loss of fat.
– Team.
– Stylize your figure.
– You work all the muscles.
– Achieve your goals in less time.
– It’s not routine.

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